Vault enables the creation of
any product or experience

Customising Vault and Building out the Bank

Vault is deployed as a standard platform with a Configuration Layer allowing banks to achieve a wide scale of customisation without having to change anything in the underlying platform. This avoids the “spaghetti” that arises in other systems when customisation and platform functionality are not clearly separated.

The Configuration Layer configuration is quick to implement, avoiding the need for huge system integration projects prior to launch.

Vault comes with an extensive developer SDK and developer portal, which shows how developers can build products using smart contracts, build workflows, add extra services and complete the build of the bank.

The Configuration Layer offers customisation in the following areas:

Finally, for banks who want to just get going, Vault comes with a standard version of all the necessary configuration to launch a simple bank. On day one of access to a Vault instance, a bank can run most of the functionality required, and do so in a well controlled sandbox environment.

Hosting options

Banks have a choice of either hosting Vault themselves in their own hosted cloud environment or Thought Machine can host the Vault instance and operate it as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Working with Banks

Thought Machine works with a wide range of banks. From Tier 1 globals, to regional banks and challenger banks, Vault is comprehensive, flexible and capable of accommodating any retail banking need.

Banks can utilise Vault for varying needs. A bank can build an entirely new digital bank on the Vault platform - from the digital front end to the cloud hosted services - not just a new digital app. These ‘digital greenfield’ banks can be launched quickly and deliver a full range of banking products out of the box.

By utilising our extensive partner network all that remains is to build a customer proposition and digital front end. Vault can then be built upon. More products and functionality can be added turning a greenfield bank project into a fully fledged retail bank.

Vault’s powerful smart contract building system allows banks to create any type of product it wants and serve this to existing customers. Through APIs, Vault can connect to existing systems within a bank such as payments, KYC, credit decisioning and more.

Vault can also be used to replatform existing banks without any disruption to existing customers. During the replatforming, customers’ products and transactional history will remain the same - and can interact with the bank in whatever way the bank wants.

The Thought Machine Approach

Vault’s smart contracts exactly replicate the financial operation of a bank’s current products. The bank continues to function in the same way during, and after, migration - just on a new platform. All customer data can be moved including transactional history. Data is ingested by the migration API - resulting in far cleaner data migration than possible through traditional ETL approaches.

Test instances of the bank can be easily created to perform test migrations. The bank can then decide to keep or change its operating model. If they decide to keep it, Vault’s workflows can be configured to recreate the processes of the existing bank.