Each bank deployment is
called a Vault Instance

Deploying Vault

Each bank deployment is called a Vault Instance – a fully self-contained, functioning bank in the cloud. Thought Machine can deploy a vanilla instance of Vault in a matter of hours.


Every retail product
offering in one bank

Tomorrow is a fresh instance of Vault which showcases all retail banking products including: current accounts, savings, loans, mortgages, and credit cards. All fully customisable, from the code in the smart contracts, to the workflow business logic, to the visual skin and branding.


Fully Customisable Products

Smart contracts are written in code, and hold both the legal side of the contract, and product servicing. New contract templates can easily be created using the product wizard, or by directly writing Python code.



Propellor is our real-money instance of Vault. Pre-paid debit cards are linked to Propellor and are in constant use by our staff to help us refine the technology daily.