The experimental arm
of Thought Machine.

The power and versatility of Vault allows us to push banking into hither uncharted territories. Our small Labs team is dedicated to experimenting with the Vault technologies, and the output has so far included money-saving games, mortgage-reducing apps, and connected physical products.


Over the last 4 years, Thought Machine Labs has invented and built alpha and beta level experiences that are fully connected to our core bank - Vault. Some of our products have either launched into market or are due for public reveal in 2019. The rest are kept under wraps for now.


Our Labs team of designers and engineers believe that it is our fluid team dynamics that helps us breed novel concepts and not a specific formula for their development. Sustained motivation is crucial and so we only pursue concepts that we can passionately spend weeks, months and sometimes years working on.

Money Monsters
See their eyes light up

"...The Money Monster is a
cracking machine..." - T3

Money Monsters are modern day piggy banks with no coins or notes. A digital money box for kids, bursting with character and brimming with wisdom. The idea was born in our studio from a passion to help kids understand money in an increasingly cashless world. The Money Monster links to a Santander 1|2|3 Mini Account.

Release 2019
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All hail the nest egg

"...BAFTA nominated games studio, Glitchers, are working with Thought Machine [Labs] to create the world’s first game designed to help people save money..." - Creative Review

Nestlings is the first digital game in the world designed to help human beings save real money. A great leap forward from rounder-uppers and automatic savings features in today’s banking apps, Nestlings provides an entertaining experience in which funny little creatures pop up and squirrel away money for you based on your real world actions.

Private Alpha
January 2019

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Only you will know what it means

Saviour will be revealed to the design community at The Furniture Show at NEC on 20-23rd January 2019.

Saviour is a quiet mechanical object for the connected home. It covertly communicates the status of your savings account by rotating as if by magic. You set Saviour to move in increments of however much money you wish. One notch might mean one pence, or it might mean one hundred pounds. Up to you. And if your guests perceive it as a beautifully crafted designer clock, let them.

Private Alpha
January 2019

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Pay off your mortgage
quicker, with Chipper.

Chipper is dedicated to helping people speed up the repayment of what is typically the biggest loan in their lives; their mortgage. Featuring a hand-crafted user interface and an advanced algorithm which allows you to set automatic amounts to fire at your mortgage, as well as arbitrary amounts when you feel like it, Chipper could save you a fortune in interest alone.

In Alpha

Vault Rare

Our next big idea.

Rare is our most secretive project to date; a great leap forward for financial products which harnesses the full power of our prized core technology, Vault. We are planning to reveal Vault Rare to fifty specially invited guests in late 2019.

In Concept Phase

Want to join our Labs?

Are you a designer or an engineer who rather likes what he or she is seeing here, and would care to join our Labs? We aren’t looking for a lot of people, but we are always open to the right people. If you think you’d fit in, and could blow our day-glo orange socks off, we’d certainly like to hear from you.