Thought Machine works hand in hand
with our clients to build banks
from inception to production

How Thought Machine Works with Banks

The Thought Machine Engagement Model helps clients with design, requirements, and partnership programs.

Day One

At the very start of the engagement, a bank gets its own Vault instance. This allows a bank to instantly start creating its own bank, by adding apps, connecting other systems, building products and so on. This is a cornerstone as to how Thought Machine builds banks - by having a working bank instance at project inception the bank can get an in depth feel as to how everything works and be able to build the bank in a truly agile fashion.

Pre production

In pre production Thought Machine assigns a delivery team specific to the bank. This team will stay with the bank from project inception through to production and beyond. The delivery team will help the bank:


Vault is highly configurable, enabling banks to build exactly the proposition they want. There are three ways of working when configuring Vault:


Thought Machine is building a comprehensive partner network. We design programs to augment the expertise and resources of our partners, to ensure the satisfaction of our Clients and to promote Vault. We have three main types of partner:

Becoming a partner

Our partnership network is growing, and we invite you to join if you can help bring:

Partners will benefit from: