Thought Machine is building technology to revolutionise banking.

Banking technology today

Many banks have the ambition to deliver better technology to their customers, but are held back by the legacy platforms and technology. Banks spend an incredible amount just to stand still. Cost of change is huge, and cost of operations is too expensive because of an inability to automate processes. Banks have built interface layers with more modern technology, but there is only so far you can go before the foundations themselves have to be replaced. Building the new foundations for banking is Thought Machine’s mission.



Vault is our next generation core banking platform.

Vault has been written from scratch by Thought Machine to be a cloud native modern alternative to the legacy platforms that plague the banking industry. Vault can run any type of banking product, from mortgages to current accounts. It has a workflow engine which defines how the bank operates. All data runs in real time within the system, meaning data analytics and regulatory reporting can be fully automated. Customer Apps and APIs create the ability to have fully automated customer interaction.

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The experimental arm
of Thought Machine.

The power and versatility of Vault allows us to push banking into hither uncharted territories. Our small Labs team is dedicated to experimenting with the Vault technologies, and the output has so far has included money-saving games, mortgage-reducing apps, and connected physical products.


Work at Thought Machine

We’re always on the look out for talented people to join our growing team. If you are interested in a job at Thought Machine, please contact us via Workable.